Cardiac Health: Impacting Your Everyday Lives

One thing that the top cardiac surgeons in India bet upon is the role of lifestyle in maintaining good heart health. With lifestyle diseases, flooding the world’s healthcare records, cardiac arrests and heart attacks still maintain to put up a scary outlook. Well, it is scary. While people are busy leading stressful lives, shuffling and running from one place to another, and managing various factors at one time, one thing that is always compromised and is always at stake is their health. This is not just any health, but heart health. Because it is our heart that holds it all together. So once that’s lost, everything’s lost. Then, what is even the point of creating millions? What is the point of building an empire if you don’t live enough to enjoy it to the fullest?

With the impact of lifestyle diseases increasing day by day, it is high time that people understand how their lifestyle affects their lives. And, finding a cure to it, or at least understanding how to prevent it is the need of the hour. It’s the least we could do. 

So, in this article, we will go through factors like heart health, maintaining it, and preventing lifestyle diseases such as cardiac arrests. 

How does your daily lifestyle affect your heart and its health

1.Eating uncontrollably

Eating beyond what your body needs is deadly. This includes stress eating, binge eating, etc. Obesity and weight gain are the two most common after effects of this. This just doesn’t happen overnight or while you eating. It happens gradually and finally this reaches a stage where you are unable to stop. Along with this, not moving your body as much as needed, will only increase the risks. The point is, even if you move your body or not, you are still feeding it unhealthy food at unhealthy times. Two of the most common risk factors that affect your heart’s health and result in cardiac arrest are unhealthy weight gain and obesity.

Another issue with binge eating is that if it is not under control, you may end up with overeating. Things can only be considered to be okay if it has a limit to it. This then develops into an addiction where you cannot control your mind and you start eating food in strange intervals and extremely strange quantity. This not only is unhealthy but can also be deadly if not controlled. Gradually you reach a stage where you cannot differentiate between real hunger and this.

Apart from weight gain and addiction, it can also affect your mental health. This is where stress eating begins. For many people, they don’t need to reach the third stage, because that’s where they begin. Stress eating results in depression and anxiety and if continued, you will reach a stage where all you do is eat and nothing else. And all of these results in treating sleep problems. All these cumulates in putting your heart at risk.

2. Consumption of alcohol and smoking

Consumption and smoking have seen a huge high in the past couple of years. Among these, one of the major and deadliest factors that cause heart disease is smoking. Excessive smoking causes damage to the artery lining. This builds up plaque which again narrows the arteries and decreases the blood flow. This can also sometimes cause blood blockage, thereby blocking the blood from flowing to a particular part of your heart and resulting in heart attacks. This heart attack can also cause cardiac arrests, as it continues to be a risk factor, even though it is different from cardiac arrest. Excessive smoking can also cause heart failure, stroke, irregular heartbeat, and rhythms, thereby making it difficult for our heart to function on the go.

Alcohol consumption is no better. Alcohol is a depressant. And if it or any such depressants are consumed excessively, the heart’s health is affected. How does it affect the heart? It results in causing hypertension and arrhythmias, to mention a few. And like smoking alcohol consumption. If exceeded can result in stroke. 

3. No exercise

Why are people so lazy to exercise? Is it the work? Is it the lifestyle? Or is it simply laziness? Because if you don’t move your body every day, you’re inviting potential danger. For your heart to function properly, exercise is necessary. Because the more you exercise, the more actively your heart pumps. Nobody is forcing you to go to the gym, but you could go for a brisk walk around your area. A little movement every day can buy you more time in this world. 

How do you protect your heart from risks

1.Do everything opposite to what we discussed above. Move more, consume no or less alcohol, stop smoking, and eat mindfully.

2. Make sure you eat food that keeps cholesterol and high blood pressure away. 

3. Another way to prevent the risk is to stay hydrated. Track the amount of water you drink. Because dehydration decreases blood volume and this makes things hard for our little heart. 

4. Don’t stress too much. There might be a hundred factors that make your life stressful. Too much stress can increase blood pressure and this can lead to heart attacks. Try to incorporate yoga or meditation to manage stress. 


Everyone in the world is running and busy building emperors. As you’re running behind success, it is you who should give enough attention to your health. You can also urge your loved one to do the same. Proper understanding, necessary lifestyle changes, and regular health check-ups are necessary to maintain and keep track of a healthy life. 

We’re sure you have understood or at least got an idea about how daily lifestyle affects your heart and its health and how you can prevent it. Necessary precautions can save you from a lot of health issues if done in the right way. 

With the advancement of technology, from the medical care providers to the best robotic heart surgeons, we’ve aced it all. 

The country has done its part and now it’s your turn!

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