How to Find the Best Water Well Drilling Machine

Water well drilling is a common practice if you require a constant supply of water for domestic or irrigation or industrial use. But that aside, one must first sink a water well to tap into the sub-surface aquifers beneath one’s land and this will require the right water well drilling machine. So in this blog, we are going to provide you with the information that you would need for identifying the most suitable water well drilling machine that will meet your needs and budget.

Assessing Your Needs

So as you prepare to plunge into the market, consider the following to offer a clearer overview of your needs. It would be wise to point out a couple of general factors that are relevant to the selection process: The depth of the well which defines the required drilling capacity and power. There is also the factor of the type of soil and rock content of the lot since some types of machines operate depending on the ground conditions – hard or soft.

Types of Water Well Drilling Machines

There are three major types of drilling rigs that are commonly used in the industry, namely cable tool rigs, rotary rigs, and auger rigs. It therefore becomes important to understand the various differences that are inherent in each type of organizational structure.

  1. Cable Tool Rigs: These old-fashioned methods involve a cable and a weight attached to a drill bit that hammers through the surface kicking an opening known as a borehole. They are specifically used in a hard ground and surface and they are capable of reaching deep drilling.
  1. Rotary Rigs: Rotary rigs utilize a rotating drill bit as well as drilling mud to produce a cylindrical cavity through a formation. They are best suited for use on a range of soil types as oppose cable tool rigs and they are capable of drilling further down.
  1. Auger Rigs: Auger rigs operate with a special drill bit called an auger that is of a spiral shape, and is used to dig into the ground similar to the way a hand-held garden auger is used. They are more suitable for use in shallow wells that are discreet in soft bearing surface and are relatively cheaper as compared to cable tool and rotary rigs.

Choosing the Right Size

Water well drilling machines are also categorized in terms of size and the range may include small portable machines up to big vehicle mounted machines. Shale rigs are most suitable for installing household wells and confined spaces, whereas, the large ones will be most effective where more extensive penetration is achievable due to commercial or industrial use.

Brand Reputation and Quality

Water well drilling machine which is very helpful to identify the quality and brand of that machine. In the current market there are some of the well-reputed manufactures that provide the best and long-lasting products. These brands usually have higher price compared to other brands, but it is common to know that these brands will have better performance, better durability and are easier to maintain.

New vs. Used Machines

Another important consideration is whether to settle for a new or a used water well drilling rigs. New machines are present with features, warranties which are not available in used machines, and they are fresh machines, unlike the old ones. For instance, however, they can be more costly than those that are used ones.

The difference in price can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the make, the size, and transport distance of the car. When it comes to used machines, it might help to select a good unit that should be in good condition in terms of functionality from reliable dealership. It is just vital that the buyer takes time to really check the machine and the possibility that may likely spend much more on maintenance or repairing it.


Some matters that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the drilling rigs include the type of the rig that you need, the size, the brand, and whether to go for a used or a brand new water well drilling machine. To do that, we have worked hard to gather all the relevant information that may influence the selection process for a promising drilling rig, and this publication should help you make an informed choice in favor of a reliable and durable vehicle.

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